Defensive Driving Course Online

The biggest difference between an average driver and a first-rate one is instruction, so by taking an defensive driving course online you can continue to be up to date with the latest road laws and arm yourself with the ability and knowledge required to anticipate driving dangers and how to stay away from them.

Are you familiar what defensive driving is?

It is a method used to significantly reduce the danger associated with driving your car or motorcycle by predicting and learning to recognize a possible hazard and adjust your driving accordingly, to adapt to the situation well before it takes place.

Becoming a student of an accredited defensive driving course online and integrating the visual training into your driving behavior it might, in due course, save your life. Although patience, instruction and good concentration are mandatory to effectively benefit from defensive driving.

Collecting the right information and undergoing professional defensive driver training will help to reduce the likelihood of a serious or fatal accident. It could save you some money by lowering your car insurance premium and will certainly help you in passing your drivers license test.

You can now remove a traffic ticket online.

If you have not taken a defensive driving course for quite a while and are not fully up to date with the latest road laws, then it is more than likely you will receive a traffic ticket or moving violation at some point. By completing an official defensive driving course online, many courts in the United States will nowadays dismiss your ticket and clear your driving record if you have been directed by a court to attend a driving safety course.

Defensive driving tips to help you drive safely.

Give yourself enough time to adjust your driving by looking 10 – 15 seconds down the road to predict any trouble, particularly when driving in traffic conditions.

Maintain a 2 – 3 second gap to allow adequate reaction time between your car and the one in front and as your speed rises, increase the gap.

Check your rear view mirrors every 5 – 10 seconds to be conscious of cars that are sitting to close to you and if you can, accelerate or move into another lane to increase the distance between. If you have to brake suddenly and a car is too close, their reaction time is reduced and could crash into the rear of you.

To anticipate a pedestrian, child or even a dog jumping out in front of you look under parked cars for feet and be aware of what is happening on both sides of the road.

Also glance down any side streets, making sure other vehicles have seen you and will stop and give way. People pulling out of parking spots or in parked cars opening their doors are to be watched.

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